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A Payday Advance Versus A Long Term Bank Loan(1)

A Payday Advance Versus A Long Term Bank Loan

There are times when the most unexpected expenses pop up unexpectedly. It could be because of a bill that you need to pay or maybe an urgent car or home repair. No matter what the case, at times it becomes difficult to wait till the end of the month to meet the expenses. And getting a cash advance until payday can pose quite a problem. Even though you can always asks your friends or relatives to give you a cash advance until payday, but this can uncomfortably, to say the least.

In this case, you can either apply for bank loans or you can get no credit check payday loans. No credit check payday loans have gained immense popularity over the past few years and offer numerous advantages over getting a bank loan or taking advance till payday from a friend or a relative.

No credit check payday loans

Despite its popularity, there are many who don't quite know what cash until payday loan really is. Simply put, a payday loan is an unsecured loan that is extended to you in order to meet instant cash needs. In the case of these loans, all you need to do is fill up an online application form that requires you to give certain personal information followed by information regarding your job and your employer. The basic prerequisite for these loans is that you need to be a US citizen and should be over 18 years of age. Also you should be a salaried employee. The approval process for no credit check payday loans is rather simple and the minute you get an approval, the cash is deposited directly into your account. As a result it does not pose a problem to get an advance till payday to meet any emergencies.

A long term bank loan

In order to get a bank loan, usually, the approval process takes time. At the same time, the advantage with these loans is that you do not need to pay back the cash immediately. But looking at it from another perspective, this also implies that you end up paying higher fees and a higher interest than you would pay for an instant payday advance. And if you need the cash instantly, it does not help to take a long term loan. With a long drawn approval process, it would take time to get the money from these loans. As a result, if you need the cash to meet immediate expenses, these loans would be of no help. Also, in most cases when you apply for a long term loan, you would need to present relevant collateral.

So, before you decide to apply for a payday loan or a long term loan from a bank, consider the advantages and the limitations of both before finally taking a decision.

Logbook loans To reiterate that your vehicle provides more than just driving...

Logbook loans : To reiterate that your vehicle provides more than just driving...

The expression Log book loans is descriptive of the service of providing secured loan against the production of a log book. The term log book loan is been describe by the service through which potential customers can obtain a loan secured against the owernership of the vehicle.

The method is to provide a third party with proof of owernership by production of of the log book ( car registration documents) and a loan then can be secured against the ownership of the car.This particular credit service is accurately and s described as a LOG BOOK LOAN.

In the recent times log book loans have scored out other loans in terms of popularity and such popularity is contributed to the primary reason that log book loans enjoy the benefits of secured loans without protracting the process, as in secured loans.Logbook loans have been specially designed to cater to immediate needs.While the car or vehicle may continue to be in possession of borrower, it is the logbook that is kept by loan provider for the period until which loan is repaid. An important prerequisite of logbook loans demands of the borrower to keep the vehicle in good condition.The borrower must be regular in paying taxes and insurance on the vehicle.

However there are some pre requisite to be fulfilled before applying for a log book loan:

The vehicle whose logbook is kept as security should be less than 8 years old, good maintained vehicles are prefered.

The vehicle should be taxed and insured.

There should no other financial obligation with the vehicle when you are applying for logbook loans.

A borrower of the loan should be in full time employment. He or she should have some regular source of income.

Owner of the logbook can apply for logbook loans .

The loan procceds are fast once the loan gets approved. The best thing about logbook loans is that it does not involve credit check implies that people with all kinds of credit status can enjoy logbook loans. Depending on the lender and the vehicle, the amount of logbook loans can stretch to larger amounts. Bad Credit status is the prime reason behind a large number of loan refusals or loans lent on strict terms or higher rate of interests. Through logbook loans, borrowers with bad credit history get a chance to draw larger funds at indiscriminating terms.Borrower will have to submit details about the vehicle such as its type, make, model, the year it was purchased and the mileage that it is presently offering. With work going on at the lenders’ round the clock, borrowers are sure to get a quick approval and a fast sanction of logbook loans.